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Christian Screenwriting

Illuminated winds


Since 2018

Our story

Experiencing Christ’s transformational power should be visibly tangible. We seek to challenge the mainstream Christian storytelling paradigm by writing stories for film that depict this power. 


Currently working on a screenplay with author Liane Brown, Daniel is following a passionate pursuit to tell real life christian stories in film.

The Write Stuff.

We’re on a mission. We have the greatest story on earth to tell and there are so many creativve ways to tell it. However, we tend to see the same old stories told in ways that hardly capture the life changing impact that Christ Jesus has had on individual lives throughout the ages. Here at Illuminated Winds, we tell the story of Christian Hero’s creativity and accurately with a goal to shed light on accurate accounts that have changed lives.


We write screenplay’s for Christian films.


Constantly perfecting the creative writing process.


Offering script coverage for your Christian film idea.

  Daniel S.

Daniel was born into a military family going back multiple generations. God’s leading was inevitable, & he too would follow in the family tradition of serving the country. 

In 2000 he joined the USAF, a year later he met a beautiful Army finance soldier, Sarah, who later became his wife. After marrying they had three children (Abigail, John, and Hannah), a number of dogs, and four more moves. In 2015 he served a six month tour of duty in Afghanistan, afterward Daniel turned his face to follow the Lord which led him to leave the USAF & settle in AL. 

There he struggled for over a year trying to gain traction on what to do next. In Nov 2017 a divine appointment introduced Daniel to Liane Brown, a survivor of Russian occupation following WWII. Their conversation rekindled a childhood dream of one day working in film; soon after their meeting Daniel began writing a screenplay based on Liane’s book, Refuge. 

He is currently finishing an Undergrad in screenwriting and developing a sequel to Refuge and a number of other Christocentric screenplays. If you know nothing else about Daniel know he yearns to please God in all he does.

From idea to print.

Are you so good at something that you frequently have people asking, “hey, how did you learn that?” Although our gut reaction prompts us to say things like, “practice” or “I’ve just got a nack for it”, the truth is we all have a special God given gift that allows us to shine bright in a specific area. That gift doesn’t make us better, it’s just a more direct translation of how God wants to use us in the world and we all have something special to offer. Our gift is creative storytelling and we’re honored to share how God uses it.

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